Oscillating Tool Tips and Tricks: How Can You Use it Efficiently

You are reading this article that means you already know about the oscillating tool and you are about to use it. An oscillating tool is a multi-functional and multi-purpose tool.

No matter from which profession you are, this awesome tool can make your work more easy and smooth. It will become more effective when you know the proper technique of using this tool. Don’t worry; I am bringing some very useful tips for you here to use this tool efficiently.


Using an oscillating tool efficiently

You need to know the correct tips and tricks to unleash the real power of an oscillating tool. In this article, I have come up with some interesting and useful tips and tricks about using an oscillating tool more efficiently.


Working procedure of an oscillating tool

The main principle of the oscillating tool is side by side movement. While doing this, there is a very slight oscillation of about 3 degrees. But it makes very fast strokes and that is about 350 strokes per minute.

This is the main reason why you feel the tool is vibrating. One more thing, you can frequently use scrapers and sanding pads with the oscillating tool if you need them for your work.


Tips and tricks for oscillating tool

Here are some tips and tricks to use an oscillating tool efficiently:


Use the exact blade for your work

Using the right blade for your work is the key factor. It will make your work easier.

Most people use an oscillating tool in cutting hard surfaces. For that reason, some sorts of blades are involved in the tool itself. 

There are variations in blades. Among them, two major blades are straight blades and round blades. A straight blade is the best option for work like plunging.

On the other hand, round blades have their perks. You can mostly use them in linear cutting which is quite long. When you need to make a long cut but in a straight line and every micro inch is in the count, a round blade is a perfect fit.


Corded or cordless

In these days, you will see both corded and cordless version of almost every power tool which you can carry in your hands. I will not be surprised that you will love to choose the second one.

But wait a minute before you make your mind. Corded oscillating tools have their effectiveness though you have to deal with tangled wires with it. Corded tools are most cost-effective, light in weight and sometimes they can provide you with more power.

On the other side, a cordless tool is the best option when you consider a hassle-free operation. When the work-site has no power supply option, there is no other option than working with a wireless oscillating tool.


Make sure you get an easy-to-handle device

Oscillating tool users like me is very much concerned about comfort in operation. And it is the point where you the fact about switch panel come in.

The switch panel is the main operating panel of the tool. It lets the electrical power flow through the motor of the tool. There are mainly two types of switches- the sliding switch and the press switch. I would recommend you to go for the sliding type switch as it is more convenient to use than any other version.


Make faster cuts on the floor

Floor cutting is one of the regular uses of an oscillating tool. Whether you are cutting an old floor or preparing the new floor, an oscillating tool is the most important tool that you need.

A flush-cutting technique is the faster way to do floor preparation. You will feel like driving a knife inside butter. In this way, you can make a clean, clear, and straight cut.


Cutting rusty faucet nuts


It is very hard to pull off the rusty nuts even with the best basin wrench. At this point, a reciprocating saw can be very useful but that is not a good idea when there is not enough space to use the saw.

At this critical time, an oscillating saw tool can be very useful. A bi-metal cutting blade attached with the tool can easily pull off the rusty nut. At first, angle the oscillating tool against the nut and start at a slow speed. Gradually increase speed. At last use a plier to break the rest of the nut.


Scrapping away gunk


With the help of an oscillating tool, you can easily get rid of construction adhesive patches, stubborn dried joint compounds, and other gunk. If you want to clean your home then you can go there vacuum cleaner labs.

To do this task, you just need to equip your tool with a scraper blade. It is better than using a knife to do this because that will take more time and effort to complete the task.



In the above article, I have shared some very important tips and tricks about an oscillating tool. There are a lot of other possibilities you can apply to your oscillating tool. But I am sure from the above tips you will become very much benefited.

So, follow the tips and you will be able to use your oscillating tool more efficiently.